Here is some advice that is useful to know :)


Our cats are insured at the insurance company "Moderna Djurförsäkringar" and hence the kittens have hidden-faults insurance. You can read more about what hidden-faults insurance means on the insurance company's website.

You as a buyer should also have your own insurance, the insurance should apply from the day before you pick up the kitten so that there won't be a glitch in between. A lot can happen when the kitten goes on an adventure in his new home!

For swedish buyers, if you choose the same insurance company as we use, then you will receive an 25% discount on your insurance. Please note that you will have to ask for my insurance number before calling them. 


Our kittens are vaccinated 2 times before delivery. After this basic vaccination, it is important that the cat is re-vaccinated at the age of one year and then regularly. 


It is important that you continue with the dryfood "Royal Canin Maine Coon kitten" for the first weeks after returning home, in order to avoid your kitten getting diarrea caused by changing food. If you change the type of food, do so gently and phase in the new food over 1-2 weeks. If the kitten would still get diarrea you can buy Fortiflora for cat which is a powder that can be sprinkled on the dry food, found at veterinarians and well-stocked zoo shops, which helps the cat to restore the intestinal flora.

With us, the kittens have received, since they started eating themselves at about 4 weeks of age:

Soaked dry food:

Royal Canin Main Coon kitten
(soak and lie overnight, take time before they get soft)


Dry food:

Royal Canin Mother and Baby - Tiny (v4-6)
Royal Canin Persian kitten - Small (v6-9)

Royal Canin Main Coon kitten - Slightly larger (v9-14)




Raw beef mince (do not buy mixed!)

Royal Canin Mother and Baby mousse


They have had free access to dry food and they should continue to have that during the first year of life. After that, you may sometimes need to limit the supply of dry food if you see that the cat is becoming overweight.

The cat should have free access to water and of course it should be changed every day, preferably morning and evening. Cats like to have the water delivered elsewhere than where the food is. In order for the kittens to remember to drink water we have exhibited water bowls in different places! A lot of fluid is good for kidneys and urinary organs.

Milk products should be avoided as they cannot break down the lactose in the milk. 
There are some who advocate raw feeding for cat "BARF". There is a thought to this as cats are basically strict carnivores, but it is difficult to get a balanced feed yourself and requires an incredible amount of knowledge and commitment to not do more harm than good. There is also a purely food hygiene aspect to it, one should not feed cats with raw chicken as it can cause infection of e.g. campylobacter that can then infect humans.

Also remember that cats are sensitive to starvation. Only a few days of starvation can lead to liver damage. Particularly overweight cats are sensitive to this. In other words, you should seek help from a veterinarian relatively quickly if the cat is not eating.


Good to have as a trick up tour sleve when for example worming etc is the Royal Canin Recovery mousse. It is canned food with a lot of energy, should only be given in small amounts. Available at well-stocked veterinarians and zoos, such as the Animal Magazine. Our cats absolutely love this over everything else and a pill or two will easily slipp down without them noticing!

Cat toilet

Cats can be extremely picky when it comes to their toilet and choice of cat litter, if they dislike their toilet they can choose to do their needs elsewhere, eg in your bed. Choose a cat litter box of larger size. The cat litter we use and which I recommend you use for the first time is "Best Friend Cattia Spring Fresh cat litter with scent". It is a green package and is sold in most grocery stores, such as Ica, Coop etc.

Dangers in the home

There are some potential dangers in the home that you should consider when your kitten comes home. The first is to ensure that doors and windows are secured so that your new family member does not fall out and get hurt. It is now law that if you let the cat stay on the balcony it must be secured in some way so that the cat can not fall down. If the cat falls down and you have not taken adequate precautions, your insurance may not cover any damage. The insurance companies always require a written account of how the accident occurred in the event of a fall.


Also, be careful not to leave candles unattended with the cat - it goes faster than you think to wrap a cat's tail through a light flame.

Another danger is the washer and dryer - some cats like to go in and lay on the warm dry laundry in the dryer. Make a habit of always looking in the washer and dryer before starting it.

Also, take the habit of always folding down the toilet lid so that the little cat does not roll down the toilet.

Cats love to hide and crawl a little everywhere, under the bed, bureaus and a host of other places that you should keep an eye on.

Loose cords, cords, small objects of varying kinds that the kitten can chew and involuntarily get in it, you must also keep an eye on.


Outdoor cats are more affected by worms than indoor cats as they catch prey that can transmit infection. An indoor cat should not be dewormed on routine as it can develop resistance to certain deworming agents. If you suspect the cat has worm, you can with a simple test "Check the worms". Take a stool sample and submit for analysis. This way you do not have to unnecessarily treat the cat with deworming agents. 


Medications should be kept out of reach for curious kittens. Pain killers, for example, is life threatening for a cat if its not quickly treated. Always consult a veterinarian if you think the cat has eaten something that it should have.


Plants and flowers in the home should be reviewed before the kitten comes home. Lily plants are kidney toxic which means that they can damage the cat's kidneys if they chew on these plants. Christmas flowers such as hyacinths, Poinsettia are very toxic. In the worst case, the injuries can be permanent and shorten the cat's life.
You can find more about this at:

Just arrived

Your kitten has left security with her siblings and mother and of course feels a little lost in her new environment. Let the kitten explore his new home in peace and quiet, show where food, water and cat toilet, probably after some time it will choose for him/herself which places it wants to sleep.


There are some things that are good to take in the habit of examining your cat regularly to get an idea of ​​how the cat is doing. Of course, you should make sure that the cat looks helaty and have a good coat quality - if not you should look for the reason why something deviates.

Take the habit of looking at cat's teeth and gums from time to time. Cats are relatively easily affected by gingivitis which can be painful and can lead to cat eating poorly. Initially you can see if you can overcome the problem through toothbrushing and Stomodine lp gel. If it is a more extensive dental problem, then you should seek a veterinarian.

You should also buy a digital thermometer and lubricant at home, check the temperature on your cat when it is healthy so you know what temp the cat normally has. It is easier then rather then having to it for the first time when the cat falls ill. Cats temperature can vary between 38-39c degrees. Cats are amazingly good at hiding when they get sick, but the temp can't lie!

Regularly watch so that your cat pee and poop normally. Urine crystals that can cause a stop especially in male cats can become a life-threatening condition, so it is important to check daily that the cat is peeing normally.


The Maine Coon cat has a so-called semi-long hair. This means that you will spend some time grooming your cat.

Brush, comb, to avoid the formation of hair tangle and cut the claws once a week. Less hair flying around and less desire to claw at the furniture!

Regular hair care is also good for avoiding the cat licking loose fur which can then form hairballs in the gastrointestinal tract.


If the cat is going to an exhibition, you may need to bathe the cat as part of the preparation for the exhibition. Whatever shampoo your cat should have, you have to decide individually for each cat. However, it is important to remember to invest in a good quality brush or comb so you help the coat stay in good condition. Remember to get a comb with relatively long spikes so that it furrows the fur all the way to the bottom.

If any questions would arise, do not hesitate to ask us, and

there are no such thing as stupid questions! :)

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